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Thank you for your interest in Savvy Nannies, we appreciate your business and it is a pleasure serving our Portland Area families, however, at this time, we are no longer accepting new clients.
If you are a registered family and have questions or concerns, please contact Sarah directly at 503-260-6815 Thank you for your continued support and we wish you the best of luck in your childcare search!


Thank you for taking an interest in Savvy Nannies. Our goal is to provide you with reliable, experienced, professional nanny services. It is not easy to find experienced childcare you can trust, therefore, Savvy Nannies is committed to providing safe and personalized care for your children. Finding childcare can be challenging and time consuming. Savvy Nannies is focused on assisting your family through selection process. From newborn care to adolescents, Savvy Nannies can meet all your families' specific needs. We specialize in creating successful relationships between families and nannies and pride ourselves in creating a caring and nurturing environment for your children. Whether you are interested in long term, permanent placement or the On-Call Nanny Service, you can feel secure knowing you are getting top quality care for your children when hiring a Savvy Nanny.